DIY Home made gesso

There are so many DIY crafts online these days (thanks pinterest!) that when I needed some gesso for a project I thought ‘Hey.. maybe I could just make my own?’ And sure enough, I did. It’s really easy to make, dirt cheap and most likely just using ingredients you have at home anyway. I took pics as I went so I could share this grand discovery.


All you need is:

Water, PVA glue and talcom powder.

It also helps to have a container to mix it in, a stirrer (I started with an old paint brush but later swapped to a fork) and an applicator.


Mix 1 part PVA glue, with 2 parts water. Mix it good.


Add talcom powder. Note: This can get messy if you attempt to do it my way. By squeezing the powder straight into the mixture, it creates a big puff! Be gentle..

I read a few recipes that all had different quantities of powder, so I just added small amounts at a time. You want to achieve the consistency of pancake batter. My mixture had lots of little lumps in it which is why I stirred with a fork in the end. A whisk is probably a good idea.. but the fork worked fine.


Stir all the lumps out and you’re ready to rock. I applied about 3 coats and let each coat dry in between. Once complete it must be left overnight to dry before sanding. I had plenty of mixture left over so I poured it into a jar to keep for next time.



Gesso is often used on canvases as a primer. Once dry it is sanded back to create a smooth, absorbent surface to paint on. For my project I am applying the gesso to a rough plaster dome in an attempt to fill the ridges.

*Update! See my completed project’Pod’ here*




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