Isolation Creation

Today is day 30! One whole month in isolation.

I mentioned a few posts back that I had a bunch of crafty supplies on the way.. they came, I created, it’s been heaven.

And now I can finally share some of my new creations with you.

I am SO excited about these..

Crystal cauldron candles.

They’re cauldrons with candles and crystals in them! What more could one want? Why not a few herbs and gemstones thrown in? don’t mind if I do! Rock incense, yes please. And top it all off with a dash of eco glitter, because sparkles are the bomb.

The cauldrons are metal and I’ve filled them with soy wax, added colour (as you may notice I’m still getting a feel for how colour blocks work) and a heap of essential oils because I want the scent to knock your socks off!

While they were drying I added some dried herbs from my garden, crystals, tumbled stones, incense and glitter. I am so in love with them I just had to keep one for myself.

I gave it to myself for my birthday.

The other three were claimed before I even had a chance to put them in my shop! I think others are just as excited as I am. I will definitely be making more of these beauties so if you are interested in buying one please send me a message, I have a feeling they won’t last long..

Free Colouring In Page

I hope you’re doing ok in these extraordinary times.

To help keep you (or the kids) occupied for a few minutes during isolation, I’ve drawn up this colouring in picture of Oscar’s Dragon to share.

I’m new to file sharing, so to download you will need to right click on the image below, select view image then save it to your computer.

Right click, view image, save as.

I would love to see your pictures, so please feel free to email them to me or post to my facebook page!

This image is for personal use only.

Isolation Post #2

Ok things are getting a bit out of hand here..

I thought I’d be making a whole lot more than I am, instead my brain has gone into overdrive and I have SO many ideas, like, so many.. it’s all very exciting! Problem is I keep ordering more supplies, soon I’m going to be overwhelmed with a whole lot of new crafts to do. All in time for my birthday, so the timing is pretty neat actually.

I’ve got more soap making supplies on the way, I’m going to be making some magick bath products – a whole new witchy inspired range is coming, so that needs some packaging designs as well, I’m super excited about that! AND now oh my goddess, I had the most amazing candle idea. I won’t give away too much, but I’ve seen a new kind of style appearing on the market and I’ve put my own twist on it. I love it so much in fact I’m making one for me, one for a friends birthday, and two more which, if all goes according to plan, will be available on Etsy.

And, if it doesn’t go according to plan then I’m sure I’ll have some funny craft fail stories to share with you all!

Oh the waiting is killing me I just want to start them all now! NOW!

So other than day dreaming about making new things, I have also been getting on top of a few projects too. I finally finished painting this limited edition batch of wands! The ‘crystals’ (plastic) came from a wedding I attended last year, so I only had these 5 to work with.

I also finished something I had started moons ago, which is always satisfying. Finally my first printable! A range of herb labels with magick properties on them, available to download and print out yourself. I had the design I just needed to get around to printing them and taking photos. Feels good to get it done, and I’m pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

And finally some perfume bottle necklaces. I had a friend over a while back and we made some of these bottles into necklaces, then created out own perfume oil elixirs to put inside! These bottles come empty so you can create your own scent.

These and all of the above are now available in my Etsy shop. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Isolation Post #1

What better time to write a blog post than when I’m self isolating right here at home!? It’s one of those things I just never seem to find the time for. Well, I’ve got plenty of time now so here we go.

Blog post.

New things are brewing..

During my first few days at home I made some small soaps. I suspected my online sales would drop due to these uncertain times, so I may as well offer something useful. And making soaps is fun so, winning!

Then my mind went down the rabbit hole. I fell into a daydream of all the lovely soaps and bath products I could create! What I could name them, what scents I would mix, how I could package them.. I’ve been here before, and it was a delight to go back.

Long story short, I have a large order of supplies on the way, so watch this space for new and exciting witchy soaps and bath brews!

All these little soaps are available in my etsy shop right now, hooray!

Evil Tooth Fairy Costume

I love to dress up. So I was pretty stoked when my friend had a dress up party for her birthday. It was around Halloween, so I wanted to do something creepy.. but with a twist. And so the evil tooth fairy was born.


To create this costume I wore a simple fairy costume (white dress, white tutu, white wings with stripey tights) and dressed it up with some handmade tooth jewellery and toy tools. Oh and blood, plenty of blood.

I used food dye to splatter blood on the dress which I was amazed to see it totally washed out leaving no stains at all! For a nice bloody tone I used red food dye with a few drops of blue to darken it. I watered it down a little and flicked it onto the dress with a paint brush.

To make the necklace, I used white polymer clay to create little rooted teeth and added a bent piece of wire to make a charm. Cook, paint blood, then add to a pearl necklace.

My what lovely teeth you have..
Photo taken after I wore it, so it needs touching up here

The crown turned out so well! I just used a cheap headband and layered it up with some hot glue. When I had some height I added the teeth I’d made from polymer clay, and secured with more glue. Then all it needed was a few coats of pink paint (I used acrylic) and finished off with, you guessed it, lots of blood.

To complete my outfit I also painted some plastic tools I bought at the cheapo shop. I sprayed them gold then added some dark red blood splatter. Muaahahahaaaaaa!

And there you have it! My evil tooth fairy costume. For an added storyline (and because he isn’t huge into dressing up) my hubby agreed to black out his teeth! I thought it was a great addition until I found out one of the party guests thought he really had no teeth and I was an arsehole for making fun of it. Bahahahhahaaaa!! We sorted that out, but gosh did I laugh!

#Artwitch April

During April (and er, overflowing into May..) I took part in a little art challenge set up by a fellow faery artist and friend, Faerie Sarah of Handmade Wonderland.

5 Mondays in April exploring Art Witchery..

Week 1: Meet the Art Witches

It seemed fitting to do a self portrait for this prompt and it was interesting to compare the painting to my actual real life face afterwards. Turns out I painted my features too big, note to self: don’t paint features too big.

Week 2: Elemental Week

Considering I’m an Aries and my element is fire, and also due to the fact I need more practice painting fire, I decided to go with – you guessed it – the water element. Nah kidding, fire element! I had no intentions of painting Rhianna but she kind of looks a bit like her to me. My fire painting skills need more practice but I think I’m improving.

Week 3: La Luna Week

Ah the moon! I was going through some scraps of paper with music on them when I thought to myself: ‘If I find the word moon in the music, then I’ll use it to paint on’ and guess what.. yah huh. Moon-lit. Close enough.

Week 4: Muse Week

So many muses, who to pick!? I just had to go with Brian Froud as he is responsible for my love of watercolours and squashed faeries. This is a quickie sketch of Mr Froud in the form of an elf which I think it is his true form really.

Week 5: Art Witchery in Action

This was a thought provoking prompt because I’d never really considered my art as witchery in any way, other than the subject matter, but it made me really think about my creative process and where the magick comes from. And after some thought I realised that there are many little rituals that come naturally. One of which is shown in the photos below where I hang many of my creations to cleanse in the insence smoke, especially if they have feathers.

Shadow Box for Mother’s Day

My adorable 6 year old gave me a shadow box for Mother’s Day which is such a sweet and thoughtful gift! It’s also full of pink sequins and kind of hideous, so I asked him if I could decorate it. He was totally cool with that, thank goodness.

Such a sweet gift, sickly sweet
Sequins kept for for craft box of course
I did feel a wee bit guilty scrubbing off this message.. just a wee bit. A little all purpose cleaner and a scourer did the trick.
This was fun, finding dyed pieces of paper and pictures to peg.
A pop of colour..
The best part, messages and drawings from my boys along with a recent photo

Gumnut Faeries

My son Oscar found these little gumnuts at his school and immediately I saw little faery hats.

I began collecting more when I caught the attention of two young school girls who were very interested in what I was doing. When I told them I was going to make little faeries they got so excited that they began collecting them for me too. Every time I see them they empty their pockets full of gumnuts for me, cutest thing ever!

Thanks to these girls, I now have approximately 1,523,291 gumnuts.

Ok, that number might be a little exaggerated.. but basically I have a LOT of gumnuts to play with.

So I started the little faeries by making teeny little heads using fimo (polymer clay) and putting them on wire so I have something to work on for the body. After baking them I painted a very simple face on each one.

For the bodies I wrapped the wire with masking tape to bulk it out, then covered some with florist tape as an experiment. The florist tape I had was a bit old but actually worked ok. I used some old fabric on others that I’d dyed with coffee, then added another layer of green loose fabric that I’d held onto for years knowing it would come in handy one day.. and so it did.

I glued the fabric with craft glue and tied it with some twine, moss and a tiny gemstone. The hair was made using twine or wool, and finally, a little gumnut hat was glued on top.

I’m not yet entirely sure what I’ll be doing with these little faeries, but I do know I’ll be gifting one to each of the girls who helped me, and I can’t wait to see their faces!

Mythical Markets 2019

The Mythical Markets were even more wonderful and spectacular than last year! Hard to believe, but it was. Probably because I was waaay more prepared this time which certainly helped and I had my little friend Kerry join me again, what a superstar.

Together we had made a big batch of magick, shiny wands which turned out to be a big hit on the day. We completely sold out, ah-mazing! They were so much fun to make too, so we decided to open a little Etsy shop we call ‘Enchantorium‘. How sweet are they? They even have individual name tags with an activation ritual. (Careful though, if you don’t follow the instructions correctly, it might make you fart) They are also available in my B.Inspired etsy shop, here.

It was hella fun to meet so many strange people and characters, I felt right at home. This time we managed to get the stall set up early so we were able to have a look around the market before it began. Wow. So many interesting, unusual, adorable and delightful things!
I bought myself some faery dust from Nightshade FX because it was just so.. my style.

I wish I’d taken more photos, but I didn’t, so I’ve borrowed some from B.K. Henderson and Joss Jensen Photography.

How amazing are these pictures!?

Unfortunately I have been informed that the markets will not be taking place in the same location next year, which is such a shame because it really is such an enchanting place as you can see. Hopefully it will still go ahead but the destination is currently unknown.. fingers crossed all will be resolved and we will meet again, my people! Until then, stay weird xx

2018 in pictures

2018 has been a really productive year for my art and I’m proud as punch to see how far I’ve come in these past 10 years. That’s right, back in 2008 I had my first exhibition and started sharing my work under the studio name ‘B.Inspired’. Now I run an online shop, sell at markets and instore in both Victoria and Queensland.

This year I entered the world of craft markets. It started off with a bang when I threw myself into the Mythical Markets, totally undrestimating the scale and popularity that the event would be. An overwhelming but exciting experience all the same, I’m very much looking forward to the next one happening later this month on January 26th. (And a wee bit more prepared this time around!) Check it out here for more details.

I had another two stalls at the Hills Art Market in Emerald (unfortunately no longer running) and one more recently at the Frankston Makers Market where I experienced a thunderstorm just after setting up. It was insane. Luckily for me though, anything that did get water damage was purposely aged anyway, so the water only added to the aesthetic. How’s that for a twist of fate?

I managed to paint this many paintings:

Including 30+ hand painted tags. Most of the paintings are quite small, the biggest one being around 40 x 30cm for my cousin’s baby boy. The little painting of Totoro is for my new niece who was born early in the year, so it’s been very exciting times with fresh new babes for me to smell 🙂

I made lots of interesting things from butterfly wing jewellery to artifacts to preserved faery skelletons and other odd things in between. A fascinating collection of curiosities if I do say so myself:

I did some design work over the year, a few logos and digital images which is always fun. I can’t share them all but here but there was one job in particular that was pretty amaze. And that is the logo and shop sign for the magical nook that is Minni & Rose in Clontarf, QLD.

Lower Image of work by Natural Magical Creative.

In August I was absolutely stoked to win a logo competition. It was for a political group known as the Smashed Avocado Movement. I love what they stand for and being able to design their logo was really exciting. It followed onto some further work and even today I’m still designing for them, so that was a big highlight!

Another highlight worth mentioning is the popularity with a tshirt design I created back in 2014 (I think..) for a Dark Crystal related competition I didn’t win. I uploaded the design to Redbubble and it recently started to sell. I’m not quite financially ready to buy a double story tree house in the forest, but I can probably afford to buy a few of these tees for myself. Happy as pie to know that there are people around the world actually wearing my design!*

*The design itself is part of the time symbol from the Dark Crystal, origionally designed by Brian Froud. This is my interpretation of it in the form of fan art

To finish off a great year I once again launched my Karma Star Christmas campaign where I make and sell stars for charity. I raised a total of $257 making lots of personalised stars this time which was really enjoyable. Even when it was midnight and I was working away on batches of stars to make sure they were ready to post the following day! Loved every moment.
This is the third year running and all funds raised are donated directly to the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children.

I had one very personal star request in memory of a family member who had passed just before Christmas. It was very humbling to create something so personal to someone. I knew the people recieving these stars would be having a difficult Christmas and it bought tears to my eyes just thinking of them. An unforgettable moment, although sad, it was another highlight in my creative ventures.

So that’s a wrap 2018! It has been a whole lotta late nights and crafting fun, designing, creating and never ending sketches on scrap paper. I intend to continue on this journey in 2019 with 2 markets already booked and a secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes that I hope to launch real soon..

Hope you all have a fantastic year!

Becky Bee of B.Inspired xx

Butterfly wings and things

Finally Spring is here, the days are getting warmer and I’m ready to crawl out of hibernation. I’m back. All Winter I’ve been really busy crafting and creating to stock up and prepare for upcoming markets. These items will also be avaiable online through my Etsy shop.

Check out my new treasures..

Glass lockets with ethically sourced butterfly wings

We all know I like a little bit of dead things, and how delightful are butterfly wings?

I was looking into casting butterfly wings in resin but decided it was a bit too messy a project for me to tackle with little people in the house. My next thought was to have some kind of glass locket to display the wings in a I found these beauties. They’re very strong, made with real glass and incase the wings firmly. The locket can be opened but not without a good tug on the latch, so the chances of these opening while wearing is very slim.

Miniature toadstools for fairy gardens

Handmade with clay, hand painted and sealed for outdoor use.

I love fairy gardens and lately I’ve noticed a lot of fairy garden ornaments available in shops which is totally rad. Fairy gardens hell yeah! But I had noticed any toadstools I bought tend to fade and haven’t been great quality. So, I made my own. There is quite a bit of work that goes into making these, but they’re sturdy, weather proof and look pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

Curiouser & curiouser kits

Tiny little boxes of trinkets to explore, create and inspire to go treasure hunting..

I had about 6 little blue boxes I’d bought for something else but they were too small. So I’ve been wondering what to do with them. I also found myself with lots of little glass bottles and some left over butterfly wings from another project.. then my mind starting ticking over. When I come up with new ideas for markets they have to be something I would like to own, and tiny boxes with little trinkets is something I am strangely drawn to. I made these for anyone esle who finds such things interesting, and I encourage you to collect items to add them to this wee box.

New range of art greeting cards

Thanks to all who voted on facebook, I made the selection based on the most popular cards and themes.

And of course.. lots more hanging toadstools. This may very well be the last batch before Christmas so if you’re keen to get one for a gift be sure to place an order soon!

If you’d like to hear more about the market stalls I will be attending, be sure to follow me on facebook. Otherwise my crafts can be purchased online through Etsy or send me a message via the contact page if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by!

Faery Artifacts (and Winter is here)

Hello strange people!

We’re about half way through Winter here in Australia, so I’ve been hibernating. I don’t like the cold much but I do like cooking and crafting so there is a bright side.

Here’s some interesting artifacts I’ve been preserving, mainly faery wands and wisdom sticks. There is also a piece made with a large thorn, possibly used as a weapon.

Materials used in the creation of these artifacts appears to be a mixture of twigs, passionfruit curls, glass beads, silver beads, charms, twine and a thorn.

If you are keen to get your hands on one of these artifacts you can check out my Etsy shop or contact me to place an order.


Winter is Coming..

Market season has come to an end.. for me anyway. For now.


I had three market stalls, not many but it was a nice introduction without being too overwhelmed.

The Mythical Markets were crazy insane and I think I accidentally tossed myself well and truly into the deep end with that one, but it was marvelous all the same!

Followed by The Hills Art Market in Emerald, which turned out to be a rather quiet day, the complete opposite to my first experience! It was a welcome change though, I was able to drink coffee and eat lunch. Winning.

Then after a few cancellations due to weather, I ended my market season with another Hills Art Market.. this time is was sooo cold! No rain luckily, only a few gusts of wind, and even though it was terribly cold I still really enjoyed myself and managed to make some sales as well.


Winter is coming.

Actually it’s still a month or so away but I’m one of those people who does NOT like the cold. I enjoy Winter when I’m inside with the heater on, cooking, crafting away under lamp light, and reading in bed. You’ll find me wearing my enormous purple fluffy dressing gown, unicorn slippers, and cuppa in hand. Always a cuppa.

So what’s next for B.Inspired? I have a few commissions to work on, and other than that I intend to keep crafting, painting, and keeping my Etsy shop updated. If you’d like to be in the know, be sure to follow me on facebook and on Etsy!

Oh there is one more thing..  I have a group exhibtion coming up! I’ve submitted two watercolour paintings into this years Belgrave Fire Brigade Art Show. All money raised goes to the Belgrave Fire Brigade and the amazing work they do.

Opening night will be Friday 8th June at the Belgrave Fire station.


Well, well, well..


If you’ve been following me on Facebook you may have read the wonderful news that our water well in rural Cambodia IS COMPLETE!

The well was built for a community in the Kilotacheom Village, Chikreng District of Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

Thank you to the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children for arranging the project.


The funds were raised over Christmas 2016 and 2017 by hand making and painting two collections of karma stars and selling them to a bunch of wonderful people.


I couldn’t have achieved this without their generosity and also with the help of everyone who liked, shared and commented on my posts.

We did this together, thank you.

I have been asked if I’ll do something like this again and the answer is YES! In fact I have already begun.. I currently have a campaign running to raise funds for a toilet in the same village where our water well was built!

The campaign is called ‘Adopt a Brick’ and you can read more about my crazy idea or make a donation right here.

But.. what about the karma stars?

As I need to raise $2000 I’d need to make about 200 stars which is crazy talk, even for me. However.. it just so happens that I have a handful of stars left, so I’m going to have a small sale on Facebook.  I’ll have a few other artsy goodies to add to the mix so be sure to have a look if you’re interested! The sale will last as long as the campaign (ending in 34 days) or until stock runs out.

Go check it, right here!




Dead Faeries at the Hills Art Market


The Hills Art Market

Memorial Ave. Emerald Vic

Saturday March 10th

9am – 3pm

I’m at it again, market number 2 is less than a week away and this time I feel a little more confident, and a little less organised. So I figure I’d tackle it the way I do life in general, try to be positive and stay up till the wee hours of the morning trying to get shit done. Too easy.

I have another batch of preserved faeries coming along for the ride, a stack of faery artifacts, gemstone jewellery and a few other odd things. I had little fortune scrolls at the last market which were a bit of a hit so I’ll be making more of those again to give away.


Faeries with flower clothing! I’d been wanting to try this for some time and finally I had the chance to so I did and they worked so well. I love Harbard’s faerie’s vest, it suits him so well.

Ok, back to organising.. still need to count stock, price everything, finish another miniature wizard’s nook, wish me luck!

Etsy Shop Makeover

I’m very excited to have finally updated my Etsy shop with a heap of new treasures!

My style has changed over the years and isn’t quite as bright and bubbly as it once was, but now a little darker and weirder.. like my soul. I’ve named my shop ‘Curiouser & Curiouser’. I’m still B.Inspired but I felt the shop needed a different name. Something to attract the strange folk, such as yourself.

You will find preserved faery specimens, miniature cupboards full of curious things, crystal and gemstone jewellery, lots of hanging ornaments and of course I have some cards and prints available too. Still to come is more jewellery, tiny things in bottles, a special edition of soaps in the making.. and some other surprises along the way.

My Etsy shop has never been fully stocked before, only a few items, but since the Mythical Markets I have found myself with lots of wonderful creations and I am just itching to make more.

To celebrate, I am offering free shipping (in Australia) for orders $50 or more! To take advantage of this offer, use the code FREESHIP50 during checkout.

Mythical Market Madness

‘You’re entirely bonkers! But I’ll tell you a secret, the best people are’ – Alice in Wonderland

Ah the Mythical Markets. It came, it went, it threw faery dust in my face. It was a whirlwind of curious characters, magical mayhem, and in its entirety it was beautifully bonkers!


Nothing could have prepared me for the craziness ahead, and considering this was my first real life market stall I really, really had no idea what I was in for. I thought I was pretty clever as I’d even remembered to pack tea and coffee, cos you know, I thought I’d have time to make a tea or coffee. Ha! Turns out there were 4 times more visitors than expected! There was a dense sea of people, pirates, faeries and warriors from all universes flooding the tiny Ferny Creek hall and it didn’t stop for 5 hours. The weather was hot and humid, especially inside, and to add to the madness I was taking part in the Faery Quest as ‘The Puzzle Box Lady’ for 2 hours, with an expected 200 players to come through. It was mental, but oh so marvelous!

Thankfully I had two amazing friends to help me, Kerry (of Nieko who also had some of her creations on display) and Jess, because there is no way I could have managed both the stall and puzzle box on my own. At least I had that part covered!


I learnt a few valuable lessons when it comes to preparing a market stall, which I will know for next time. Firstly, when people suggest you set up your stall at home to get an idea of how it will look, do it. Just do it. Don’t think to yourself  ‘Meh, can’t be bothered, she’ll be right’ cos she aint be right and you’ll end up fussing about trying to make things fit, make them easy to see (Note to self – must get shelving of some kind) and last minute pricing while customers are gathering! But this is where my awesome friends came in to save the day, they managed the hell out of that stall.

But oh, the lovely people I met! Despite the heat and crowds everyone was in such high spirits and so friendly to talk to. And the costumes.. amazing costumes, I met unicorns, an owl, a gentleman dressed in full armor, demons, goblins, a peacock, just to name a few. (I wish I had photos of them to share)


Playing the Puzzle Box Lady was so. much. fun. Full on at times, but fun all the same! During the Faery Quest players had to find scrolls which had a map leading them to me in this little nook pictured above. I’d tell them I required payment of two blue crystals that ‘grow among the trees’ and send them back outside to search for them. Once they had the crystals I would show them the code on the side of the faery cabinet (above) for them to solve, which would tell them where the key was. The key opened the cabinet door and inside was a symbol they had to show to the gatekeeper at the cabin. How cool is that!? There was much more to the quest, but that was my part. It got pretty crowded in here for a while.


A quieter moment, two mythical beings working out the code.

By the end of the day I was exhausted! I had such a great time though, I feel that little bit wiser now, and inspired by all the beautiful things on display, the wonderful people with their stunning outfits and so happy I was able to be a part of it all.

Now, to get all my remaining stock uploaded to Etsy.. stay tuned!

2017 The year that was

Another year has flown by and is coming to a close, so it’s time to reflect back and see where I’ve come from, what I have achieved, and where I’m headed.

2017 started off slowly on the creative side of things, I have spent the year at home with my wee little newborn Toby (now 1) and sprouting little young man Oscar who’s four. Needless to say, I’ve been very busy, but as always I’ve managed to find time to myself to get my craft on.


Most of my crafting time this year was spent working towards my very first market stall, something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. An opportunity arose to have a market stall at the ‘Mythical Markets’ which as the name suggests, has a mythical theme.


This is it! And to make matters even more amazing the market was to be held in Ferny Creek, at the exact location I got married, naw! AND to top all that off even more, I’d just finished ‘The Faery in the Key Cabinet’ WHICH the story is based in.. *drum roll*..

Ferny. Freakin.Creek.

Now if that’s not the universe working it’s weird magic and guiding me I don’t know what is. Then, due to severe weather warnings, the market ended up being postponed.


But all is well! It has been rescheduled for January 27th so I have more time to make more lovely things! If you are interested in attending, please follow the link here for more information. Speaking of, here’s a snippet of my collection so far..

There seems to be a bit of an unusual, weird, old, oddity type theme happening here.. so I’m going with that and called me shop ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ curious things for curious souls. I’ve made lots of faery specimens, 11 in total. I also made heaps of gemstone bracelets, oil diffuser bracelets, faery wing earrings, hanging toadstools, dream catchers, faery artifacts, bottles of curious things, butterfly hair clips.. the list goes on! Basically I’ve been living my dream making all the things and it has been pretty bloody brilliant. I intend to do this lots more in 2018. And keep my Etsy shop well stocked, at least I will try!

One of the faery specimens I started over a year ago, it is an interactive artwork called ‘The Faery in the Key Cabinet’. As mentioned earlier, it has a background story based in Ferny Creek. This piece is a mystery: how did the faery get there? Who put her there? And where are they now? There’s a secret code to show you where the hidden key is to open the door, inside you will find letters and clues to help you piece the story together.

This piece will be on display and also be part of the Faery Quest event happening at the Mythical Markets on the day.

I also started yet another hobby earlier in the year.. yes another.. soap making! Starting simple I bought a melt and pour soap making kit and a variety of essential oils to play with. Oh yeah. Good smelly fun. I had a play around and I’m still learning but hopefully next year I’ll give it a go making soap from scratch. For a beginner though, melt and pour is a good starting point.

Another project that I worked very hard on this year was my entry into Toy to the World. This was the 4th TTTW event and exhibition, and also the 4th time I’ve been part of it. This year I entered 2 bears, one 5” bear called ‘Totem’ and one 10” called ‘Funghi Town’

The event was a huge success and I was absolutely thrilled to come 2nd place in the People’s choice awards for my 10” bear and an Honorable mention 4th place for little Totem! Wow! Both bears sold raising $297 between them for the Australian AIDS Council, so I’m pretty stoked about that.

I completed 7 paintings, 2 of which were very tiny. Painting has become risky business with little people around and painting at night isn’t doing my eyesight any favours, so I haven’t been able to paint as much as I’d like.

Above: Toadstool Mansion, Snap Dragon, Cat Lady, Shluggy, Seacrets, Cat in Suit and Mini Toadstool (untitled)

Shluggy and Snap Dragon were both painted for the Dark Crystal Character Competition held towards the end of the year. I didn’t have much time to work on my entry but I was happy I managed to enter something. Characters had to come with a background story, below is my complete entry. Winners are yet to be announced, and the winner may see their character in the upcoming Dark Crystal TV series!

DarkC LalaDark C Pictograph

Phew.. I really have been busy. But wait, there’s more..

I was honoured to be the photographer at 3 weddings in 2017. It’s really something else being able to document such a special day, I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to do so. I love weddings!

And just when I thought I couldn’t cram anything more into what has been a fairly productive year, I whipped up some more Karma Stars just in time for Christmas. Thanks to all my amazing friends and followers, I sold just enough to cover the costs of donating a water well to a small village in rural Cambodia – a fundraiser I started last year and was able to complete this year! In total we raised $475 which is incredible! That’s enough to build the well, cover transfer fees and anything left over will remain with the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children.

KstarsCambodia Well

The above image is for a well my sister and I donated last year, so you can see what it will look like. Yes there is a slight error in the spelling of my name, which I think is hilarious but they did fix it up so it no longer says ‘Rebella’, not that I mind!

Overall it has been a very productive year and the highlight has been donating the well for sure. I’m so looking forward to the Mythical Markets being held on the 27th of January in Ferny Creek, what a way to start my crafty adventures for 2018! Perhaps I’ll see you there?

MM new date

Miniature Wizard’s Cupboard

I’ve been working merrily away on a miniature Wizard’s cupboard and it’s finally complete! I say finally.. when in fact it only took me a couple of weeks (only working on it for a little bit each day) and it came together quite quickly without any hiccups. Love it when that happens..


I had a little shadow box and wasn’t sure what to do with it.. then good ol’ Pinterest throwing me random suggestions sparked something in my brain and I knew what it had to be. A miniature cupboard with magical things inside! I had so much fun making and collecting all the teeny tiny bits and pieces to bring my magical cupboard to life.


The contents includes bottles, skulls, books, scrolls, a candle, key, crystal ball to name a few.. and there also happens to be some golden treasure hidden in there too.


I secured most of the pieces with blu-tack so they don’t roll around,  but also so you can take everything out and explore. Each scroll has something written or drawn on it too. The books are blank though, to write your own notes and secrets.


This little cupboard which I have called ‘The Wizard’s Cupboard’ will be available at my very first market stall, at The Mythical Markets held in Ferny Creek, Victoria on December 2nd.


TTTW Bears 2017

My bears are complete for Toy to the World 2017!

Meet ‘Totem’ the Animal Spirit Guide and ‘Funghi Town’ where we’re going down, down, down, down, down down down.. to.

These guys will be exhibited at the Toy to the World exhibition being held in Prahran, Melbourne opening night October 11th.

TTTW bears 201720170919_103453

I’m really pleased with the results, they’ve both turned out the way I’d hoped they would. I had no major issues either so that was a bonus.

Materials I’ve used on my vinyl toys are: Acrylic paint, matte varnish, sculpy modeling clay, hot glue, PVA glue, faux moss, faux plastic plants (which I painted) and both are glued to a wooden base.


Totem’s staff is made using a twig, waxed twine, beads, peacock and guinea fowl feathers.


For more info and event details click here.