Hi there, I’m Becky B

In a nut shell..

I’m an Australian fantasy artist, designer, photographer and all round creative nut. Yeah, I’m one of those people. I love faeries, nature, magick, cats and dead things. But don’t be alarmed by that, I’m not completely crazy! I’ve only got two cats.

Beyond the nut shell..

Since I was a wee little person I have always loved to draw and grew up knowing that all I wanted to do was be an artist. A faery artist. I met my idol Shirley Barber when I was 12 and had the most amazing experience when I was invited to her house to see her studio. Best. Day. Ever. Still blows my mind.

Throughout my school years, living in a small country town, I took on any art project that came my way. Poster design, colouring in competitions, tshirt designs, ticket designs. Everything. I even painted a coffin.

When I finished high school I moved towards the city of Melbourne and studied Applied Desgin. Shortly after I returned home and spent a year juggling several small jobs which included mural painting and working part time as a Graphic Designer. I returned to Melbourne and it wasn’t until a few years later that I signed up to complete a Diploma of Graphic Desgin and Multimedia. It was around this time I also bought my first DSLR and my love of photography began.

From then on I worked in an office by day and an artist and graphic designer by night. Photography has always been a hobby but I have had numerous opportunities that I couldn’t pass up because I enjoy it and learn so much.

These days I no longer work in the office, instead I’m home with my two beautiful boys and my husband. I spend almost every night and weekend working away on various projects, freelance work, creations and anything else that fills me with happiness. I may not be a famous artist worth a mint, but I’m doing what I love and that my dears, is success!

Do. What. You. Love.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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