7 Photographers to Inspire You

The following photographers are so far the most inspiring I have come across. They’re the artists behind the work that makes me want to try and create amazing pictures, send my imagination into a tizz and explore new ideas.

I could happily gaze over their work all day, in fact I have. Many times.

I’ve put them in the order I discovered them, the first being the key to why I wanted to buy a DSLR camera in the first place.

Joseph Corsentino


Joseph is the reason I became interested in photography. I found his work for ‘Time of the Faeries’ on a postcard which arrived with a book I’d bought, and immediately I looked him up and fell in love with his photography.

The layers of costuming and accessories create these punk styles for his faery world. He also explores Vampires, Angels, Street Fae, Spirits and other mythical, magical beings in his series of books.


Kirsty Mitchell


I have been following Kirsty for quite some time, as she created each and every detail for her ellaborate images that are truly breathtaking. Each costume and prop has been hand made by Kirsty herself, sometimes taking months or even years to complete.

Following her journey through overcoming grief by escaping to these extraordinary places, she writes a diary online explaining the artworks and their creation. So much work goes into each picture, sometimes waiting months for the ideal season in which to take her photos. Her collection is now available in her book ‘Wonderland’.


Brooke Shayden


Brooke’s work is the ultimate creepy cool.. her images are beautiful and delightfully odd, sometimes even a bit unsettling. Her work is very clever in that she creates these stories using a simple prop or two (if any) and she’s happy to share her process which you can find on youtube. It really is fascinating to watch her work from start to finish.


Kindra Nikole


The moment I laid eyes on Kindra’s work I was in love. Her images look like fairy tales bought to life, full of magic and adventure. The costumes, styling, props and locations all together create the most beautiful and whisical photographs that have a story of their own.


Elina Shumilova


Two of my favourite things to photograph is my children and natural light. Elena, in my opinion, is the Queen of these two subjects. And to top it off she manages to get animals in her pictures too. The result as you can see is breath taking. Special moments together with moody light and incredible colours create wonders.


Von Wong


Benjamin Von Wong’s work is epic. Totally off the scale. He goes to extraordinary lengths to create his photographs and it certainly pays off. From under water shoots to storm chasing, fire twirling and even collecting hundreds of thousands of empty bottles.. he’ll do what it takes.

Not only are his images incredible and the amount of work that goes into them absolutely amazing, but he also uses his work to create awareness for environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and protecting wildlife to name a few.


Von Wong's Shark Shepherd
Von Wong’s Shark Shepherd


Dorothy Wallace


Dorothy’s work is just beautiful, taking on the old fashioned style of photography along with these divine vintage backdrops and costumes. Her attention to detail is incredible and it certainly pays off with these immaculate results.





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