Made with love ‘n’ stuff – 6 Budget DIY Gift Ideas

So Christmas is over for another year, and as promised I can now share with you all the pressies I hand made! To see what I made my dad, and read about my whole DIY gift idea ramblings, click here.

I won’t go into great detail for each gift but if you are interested to know how I made something please ask away and I’d be happy to answer any questions. Almost everything was made using recycled materials and items I all ready had. All I bought was bees wax, little containers and some dried herbs.




Decorative Hanging Thingos: I used air drying clay to make beads, gum leaves, a gum nut and toadstools. I painted each piece, added some metallic bronze paint for shimmer then beaded all the pieces together.

Tip: Threading was somewhat tricky because I used think string that frayed easily. I hooked it around some wire to pull it through the holes.


Bath Tea Bags: Neat pampering idea! I recycled one of Oscar’s muslin wraps to make the bags, then stuffed them with dried rose petals, lavender, rosemary, milk powder and bi-carb soda. Then I sewed the bags shut with some string in the end to create a ‘tea bag’. The string is long enough to hang from the tap as you run your bath.

Tip: Milk powder and bi-carb soda come straight through the muslin wrap so.. I’d avoid using any powders. Just stick to using dried flowers!


Bee Vomit Lip Balm: Coconut oil, beeswax and honey. Did you know honey is in fact bee vomit? True story! This was a really simple thing to make, just melt the ingredients and pour into these little pots to set.

Tip: Bee extra careful when pouring not to make a mess! (See what I did there? I do love a daggy pun!)


Candle in a Jar: I had a big bunch of unused candlesticks so I melted them together, plucked out the wicks (keeping one for the candle itself) added a scented melt as well and poured the mixture into the jar to set. Then I added some string and a handmade tag, ta da!

Tip: To keep the wick centered I tied it to a pencil and put it across the top of the jar.


Rock Salt and Metal Mix: A simple idea of mixing herbs and infusing salt with rosemary. Kind of boring for my 22 year old brother.. so I tried to add a bit of a twist with the labels to make them a little more interesting! The labels read: ‘Metal Mix – Tasty herb blend’ Slay’er meat and thrash it with this herbal mix from hell! and ‘Rock Salt – Infused with rosemary’ Rock’n’roll your meat in this legendary rock salt. Too corny? Maybe. Do I care? Not really. Truth is, that metal mix smells like tacos!

Tip: It really does smell like tacos. The ingredients as I recall, were.. Oregano, dried onion, garlic, cumin, rosemary and demon skulls. There weren’t really any skulls though, that was just to add to the theme and all.


Christmas Decorations: I had to make some actual Christmas decorations so I made these little guys. I saw the idea on pinterest and made up my own with felt, buttons and ribbon. A bit daggy I know but I still reckon they’re pretty cute! I have one left over so I might just keep it for myself.

Tip: I stuffed them with fabric scraps.

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