Dragons and toadstools

My my.. have I been busy! So what’s the goss? I’m due to have a baby 2 days ago, that’s right, he’s pretty comfy in there so I get to play the good ol’ waiting game (patience is the key.. PATIENCE ARGH!) and it’s not easy. Weird really, I have been off work for 2 weeks which is awesome, so much free time to spend making art and what do I end up doing? Trying to hurry up the days! Ugh.. anyway I feel as though I’ve been doing nothing arty really when in fact I look back and I’ve created LOTS of goodies so it’s about time I share what I’ve been up to for anyone interested to know. And, for myself really, to prove that I have been making the most of my time off!

Where to begin.. lets go back shall we. Since creating my TTTW bears (last post!) which was back in January.. I have since been very inspired by the little being growing away inside my belly (First time mama here, very exciting!) and knowing that he is a boy I have trailed away from the faeries (slightly) and focused on dragons and toadstools. Yes, that seems to be my inspiration at the moment! His little nursery has an enchanted forest style theme coming about and I have rediscovered the wonders of a sewing machine! So far I have made a dragon skin blanket, two buntings, toadstool cushions, a phone case for me which matches the cushions and some fitted sheets – the sheets aren’t that exciting to look at and the quality is quite poor so I won’t brag about those too much ha! I haven’t taken photos of everything just yet, but I do have a few snaps I can share. So I’ll just post a bunch now and add descriptions for you.. enough babble now.

Dustin (baby daddy) modelling my blankie
Dustin (baby daddy) modelling my blankie

Considering I hadn’t sewn in years and had no pattern to go by, I am actually amazed that this turned out! I hunted down some ‘dragon skin’ fabric which I came across this green cotton that had a diamond shaped stitch over it. It looked to me like dragon scales, don’t you think? Score! For the under side I decided something soft to touch would be appropriate so I chose this light green satin. If I had known how difficult satin would be to work with I wouldn’t have bothered.. but I managed in the end. And finally some green felt triangles to look like dragon spikes, and the inside is some cushy white stuff the lady suggested I used. I am still in awe that it worked, seriously!

Enchanted forest themed nursery
Enchanted forest themed nursery

Please.. ignore the wall paper. I’m renting and well, as much as I would like to paint over the hideous walls.. I decided against it for several reasons. Anyhoo, in the pics above you can see the delightful bunting I made (the triangle flag thingy) using left over dragon blanket fabric, and the red fabric with white spots is for the toadstool cushions which I am yet to take photos of.. but I used some of that too. The dragon blanket is hanging over the cot and I couldn’t help but also share a picture of the toadstool table I painted way back in an earlier post. You can’t see here but it sits on a green fluffly mat that looks like grass! And yes, that is a frog bowl sitting on top. He also has a matching frog back pack.

Another dragon blankie! And original artwork.
Another dragon blankie! And original artwork.

Dragon blankie number 2! First of all, on the left is an A4 watercolour painting I created for my little man. That was actually the first thing I ever made for him. Then while online I came across a site where I could get my artwork printed onto a soft fleece blanket and at the time they had a sale! I do love a sale.. so I ordered one and ta da! It turned out pretty damn awesome. It’s green on the back and much bigger than I expected it to be. (Looks a bit yellow in the photo, but you get the idea..)

Well I’ll leave it at that for now, I still need to take pics of my toadstool cushions but I’m planning on making some leaf cushions to go with them. I’ve also been working on other random non-baby related projects too so I’ll write about those soon as well!

2 Comments on “Dragons and toadstools

  1. I LOVE the dragon blanket. That is awesome! Gorgeous room for the little man

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