The Dead Dragonfly

So I have this fascination with dead things. Let me rephrase that.. I like dead things. Things like insects, bones, feathers.. Anyway so my fiance knows me well enough that when he found a dead dragonfly at work he brought it home for me! How beautiful is it? All in one piece and the wings spread out! So I decided the best place for it would be in a shadow box. (Click on the pictures below for a larger view)

To make the shadow box I bought a plain wooden one from bunnings so I could decorate it myself. I searched online for a free to use script text background which I printed out and glued to the back of the box which comes out easily. The glass however on this one doesn’t come out so I had to mask it off by carefully wedging paper between the frame and the glass.
The first layer I painted was dark brown (acrylic) and left to dry. The second colour was light blue with a shimmery paint (also acrylic) mixed into it. When the second layer was dry I sanded back through the colours paying attention to the edges of the wood to really rough it up.
Finally I used hot glue to stick the dragonfly down gently and placed it into the frame.

One Comment on “The Dead Dragonfly

  1. Ahhh I freakin love it! ❤

    Beautiful, beautiful work… and your fiance is awesome for bringing the dragonfly home to you 🙂

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