Where does your inspiration come from?

One of the most asked questions.. (second from “Can you draw a picture of me?”) so I’m going to write about one of the most influentual artists I truly admire. The artist I’m speaking of is Selina Fenech. 

Creator of ‘Fairies and Fantasy.com’ Selina is only a couple of years older than me (Born in 1981) so to see how far she has come on her own is very inspirational. Selina is also very encouraging of other artists, and loves to share her knowledge and techniques with others. She even has a site made espacially for Australian fantasy artists to get together and showcase their work: http://www.australianfantasyart.com (And yes, my work is in there too!)

I first discovered Selina’s work while looking through a rack of greeting cards, choosing the pictures I liked to keep as references. I came across ‘Motherhood’ (pictured below, all though the original is in black and white) and from there I looked up all I could on Selina.

 Her work is just beautiful with lots of faeries, mermaids and goddesses. My kinda thing! Every new artwork is even more amazing than the last. I study her paintings, holding the pictures right up to my nose to understand how she creates such detail, especially in those pretty faces! I have learnt a lot from Selina, and now she even releases short clips on you tube of herself painting which is really awesome to watch and learn.. so if you’re interested, look her up! Or just go here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfILMiY91UU 

Selina’s art is available on just about anything and everything.. from greeting cards, bags, and pendants to mugs, mouse pads and even hand crafted silver jewellery which are just stunning. You can purhcase selected original paintings, and even some of her quick sketches which are very affordable investments!

To see more of Selina’s work, read her bio and see the gorgeous products she has for sale, look no further than right here -> www.fairiesandfantasy.com.au


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