Time of the Faeries

The very talented Joseph and Donny Ha Corsentino are the amazing artists behind ‘Time of the Faeries,’ which is the original source of inspiration for my own ‘Faery Photos’. (And to my mum’s horror,  my tattoo!)

Geez, it’s only a tiny one mum! Hehe.. anyways, Time of the Faeries is a picture book about the faeries, angels and darklings returning to earth. It is, of course, full of amazing photographs of street faeries, punk vampri and battle angels.. Very kool pictures, and I also love the costumes the models are wear. (Well, if they’re wearing any!) Lots of layers with belts, heaps of jewelry and accessories. 

You can view the website here: www.timeofthefaeries.comand it’s worth looking them up on facebook to see behind the scenes, new work and the latest goss. ‘Afterlight’ is book 2 which is due out soon.. (June I think, pre-order from May 27th)

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